Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The school of the spirit

I noticed in a documentary that schools of fish were like moving clouds and that each individual fish found shelter in the group. I often find lessons in nature that teach me something of the spirit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The competition

The competition of devils for the souls of men has led to the divisions of religions and their consequences which have led to enmity and even wars. It is said that the devil comes only to steal, kill and destroy. If you look at the history of men you will see nothing but the works of devils. He who brings the truth brings an end to these things and introduces the kingdom of God. It is said that Elijah brings the truth so I would suggest that we find Elijah and pay attention to what he has to say . how about a world search for Elijah?He is here and manifest. Seek him and he will lead you to the kingdom of God

Monday, July 21, 2008

The human race

The human race seems to have many races but there is only one race that counts and it is wide open. It is the race for the kingdom of God. Anybody willing to join is accepted and even stragglers will be encouraged and waited for at the finish line. All you have to do is enter the race. You cannot finish what you don't start so whatever you do just get a move on and everyone that has preceded you will show you the way.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The natural born liar

Imagine a totally normal sounding human being, capable of being sweet and lovely but being incapable of telling the truth. Having the appearance of beauty and charm but still being incapable of telling the truth. This is the lot of the children of Satan, the father of lies. They might be your spouse or even you children and you have no capacity or authority to deal with them other than the grace of God. It is the spirit of adoption that resembles the spirit of God. Have you been measured and found lacking?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Touch not the blood

It is said in the written word that one should not touch the blood but one cannot understand this saying without the living word. Blood of course is the life of the body but it is also the life of the spirit. Some people misunderstand the written word and thereby trample the blood underfoot. It is the blood of Christ that is the life of the spirit not our own. There is nothing that you can do to your own blood that can affect the blood of Christ nor change the salvation that it has brought from eternity to eternity. But to believe that you can affect your own salvation by touching your own blood is to trample the blood of Christ. To think that your good behavior can obtain your salvation is not only trampling the blood of Christ but pissing on it too. All men are saved even evil men and even the dead. See that you curse not your own blood by misunderstanding. Listen to spirit led men who speak the living word that can restore your own blood. Curse them not but rather put down your bibles and listen by the spirit to the living word.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The inspiration

The inspiration comes from the breath of God and it is said that God blew his breath into man. Does that mean that all mean are inspired? Does not the beast have a breath of it's own? How many men's breath kill, steal and destroy not from bad breath but inspiration from Satan no matter how sweet and scented it still kills and destroys but mostly steals the truth. It is the breath of God that brings salvation so that even when the breath of the beast fails the second wind of the spirit maintains life and in some cases secures the victory to the condemned. The elect of God shall be redeemed even though they were headed for perdition by the inspiration of the spirit.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The location, location,location.

Where do you rule the earth from? A neutral location that is impregnable.


Why do we remember people? Because we love them even if they hatted us. Most people hate others because they are different but maybe we need to understand that we are all the same so that the fear of the difference can be replaced by the love of recognition.

Looking for

I am looking for prophets, priests, philosophers, theology experts basically anyone who claims to know what God has said or written in the bible. Any one who claims to have an interest in God. Real believers and those who claim to be believers. Basically anyone who has an opinion about God. Just speak and say what you want and I will sort everyone out according to what they really are.

The visitor

If we are eternal beings then we are both from the past and from the future just visiting the present. As pleasant or unpleasant the visit might be it really does noes not reflect either our past or our future. Some visitors have a gift of seeing all three clearly unlike most people who see the present only. If you have the honor of such a visitor you should welcome him because he can alter your future.


When you go fishing you have to get the right equipment for the right harvest. First of all you have to know what kind of fish live in the target area then get the right kind of bait that you know the fish feed on. When you fish for men you need revelation to catch them. When Jesus said I shall make you fishers of men he meant that he would equip you accordingly. When you are fishing whether it be with a hook or a net you still need to attract the prey with the right kind of attraction. This is revelation or as some like to call it understanding. This is the internet or if you prefer the international net and since it was made for me I am sure that God will provide the attraction.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The New Thing

Behold I shall do a new thing. It seems that some threads carry on for ever so I have decided to start new threads that everybody can enjoy. The bible says that there is nothing new under the sun but I say there are new ways of looking at old things. We used to observe, measure and describe what we found. These days we digitalize them, in other words we turn them into numbers and use computers to figure out what the numbers mean. God has hidden all his secret things in numbers knowing that we would not have the ability until these end times to describe the hidden numbers and have their secrets revealed. Such is the book of life, a surface story that has within it hidden numbers that reveal the book of the lamb. The book can now be opened and the true nature of all men revealed by it.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We are the inmates.

This whole earth is a correctional institute for spirits that have gone astray. The flesh of human beings is the standard uniform that enables us to register correction. Without it we could neither feel sorrow or pain. There are some correction officers who keep track of us. These are the reincarnated prophets who died because of their faithfulness to the spirit rather than joining the rebellion of the flesh which is religion. The purpose of pain and sorrow is to guide us back to the kingdom of God which is the last thing we intend to do in our natural state. Yet within a thousand years we will all find ourselves restored to the kingdom but some of us to eternal shame having preferred the state of a beast rather than the state of the spirit.

Monday, April 28, 2008


When one is on a journey we should not lose sight of our destination especially if our traveling companion is our destination. This is how one gets lost on the way and parts ways with our traveling companion. Blessed are those who reach their destination because they are the ones who did not get offended and endured until the end. It is not spirit that gets offended but rather flesh and flesh that falls away when the spirit is willing to continue. This journey is not a pleasant polite stroll in the woods between charming companions but rather a brutal confrontation between bitter enemies where politeness and manners have no place. The longer the flesh resists the harder the journey is and it is a sure thing that no flesh will be left standing if the spirit is not in charge. Sweetness politeness and charm are attributes of the flesh especially when it tries to appear spiritual. True love is of the spirit and spirit know how to root out the hidden weaknesses of the flesh. This is why there will be fewer ladies in the kingdom because they will not be able to bear the exposure of the true nature of their flesh and be offended by it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The tattooed monkey

Some people wonder why the monkey is marked. They think it is for identification. Others think it is the mark of the beast. This particular mark would identify him as the beast. That is what the zookeeper thought about in order to keep track of the dangerous individuals in the monkey cage. As it turns out the mark of the beast is a religious mark, the ceremonies and traditions of those who like to think of themselves as innocent. Yet their very traditions are their mark. The mark of innocence is what identifies them as guilty, a very difficult mark to erase.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Elijah was destined to become the glory of God and the glory of God is his kingdom. Having said that we can clearly
identify who is against this glorious plan by seeing whom it offends. When one is offended one tends to get angry and
anger is the root of all evil. There are various causes and roots of anger but they are causes of the symptom. Jealousy,
greed, power, influence, shame , the list goes on and on. The symptom of all of them is anger. Think about it? Is there
anything that makes you angry? If you have anger, justified or not you will not see the kingdom. I can think of hundred
of things that could make me angry but I know that God will not nest me with them because he has forbidden himself
to be angry so why should he authorize me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Re: The anti christ

The bible itself speaks of the leaven of the Pharisees polluting the whole lot and speaking of lots which the bible
speaks of humans drawing lots in order for God not to be responsible for the things that men do. This I can say to you,
if you show up in God's presence with a bible in your hand you will be like Caan bringing a less worthy sacrifice. He
does not want you to return his own gift back to him which is rude in any culture but rather bring something that you
have produced yourself. This is what God will ask you. what do you have to say for yourself. Whipping out your bible
would not be a wise move just like the Pharisees marking Jesus' own words. Since you claim to love to hear that I am
Elijah I of course will oblige you for the sake of love. Now if you reject that you do it of your will.

Re: "The Abomination of Desolation" - What is it?

The two chrubim on the ark of the covenant are exact replicas of one another. I fact it is impossible to tell them apart until one or the other speaks. This ark was located exactly where the mouth of the temple man would be in the holy of hollies.
Every man has in his temple both the spirit of Satan and the spirit of God in him and not until he speaks can one discern which spirit he follows. I will give a hint for those who do not have the gift of discernment. Those who have drawn the lot of unbelievers quote the bible constantly to hide the shame of being an unbeliever. Ask me questions or be remembered as ones who have banned Elijah.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Re: "The Abomination of Desolation" - What is it?

Humor is the courtesy of desolation. Desolation is the loss of all hope and the abomination thereof is to realize that the
choice was made by yourself. God has done this thing to confound the wise. He has put all hopes on his son Jesus and
told the wise about this. In other words there is no hope outside of Jesus. Satan who vowed to take the place of the most
high did so as he must with the permission of God. This means that all those who have placed their hope in Jesus have
in fact put their trust in Satan. An abomination of desolation if there is any. Now Jesus said he would straighten out the
whole mess by sending you Elijah who would lead you onto all truth. He also said that he would give Jesus a new name
again to confound the wise. If I were wise I would pay attention when I hear Elijah speak because there is no other way

The anti christ

If I were to keep count of the times that I was honored by that title I would be flattered but since I wasn't the first I

have to give the honor to Christ himself. Hey that is funny, the return of the anti Christ. Let me explain myself. Christ

and Satan were put in adversarial positions in order to teach men discernment. Exact replicas of each other facing each

other on the seat of mercy in total agreement. None is highest than Christ but Satan did say that he would take the

place of the most high and nothing he does can be done without God's consent. The reason you have a hard time finding

the anti christ in this world is that he is the false christ of this world. Any body want to have a discussion on the


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Re: Education is wonderful

I have been suspected of being a Christian and that statement is not true even though it tend never to defend myself of any accusations. The reason I am not a Christian is that I am not a devil worshiper. When the adversary Satan declared that he would take the place of the most high he was actually saying that he would take the place of Christ. If you are able to bare with me when I say that christianity os devil worship then you can understand what I mean when I say that I am not a Christian. I live in Japan and have been doing so for fourteen years. Maybe my choice of the word education should have been sharing. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you wish without assuming that I am unable to answer them which would be a form of prejudice. I have myself some questions that I would like to ask of the members of this board. What say ye of Elijah?

Education is wonderful

We have all been placed here on earth to be educated. The only object of this education is to abolish anger. Once anger is abolished there will be peace on earth. I am not sure what you mean by anti missionary but if you understand that God has condemned missionaries as hypocrites who send missionaries to the ends of the world in order to make converts and when they make a single one they turn them into twice the sons of hell as they themselves are then we have an understanding. Please understand that my words are void of anger as a prince of peace would bring. The word angel means messenger but the message is sometimes from the devil and sometimes from God. Discernment is required to tell the difference and discernment can be acquired through education. I am pleased to be at your service to bring the answer to any questions you might have.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What time is it?

If I ask someone what time it is they usually look at their watch and read out what it says. But is the watch properly set to the correct time? I know that if the sun is at it's highest spot in the sky it must be noon but who decided that the day should be divided into units of six? Why not another number. This system was handed down to us from the Babylonian astrologers and adopted by all the great civilization and finally used by us. Nothing wrong with that as long as it is set correctly. Now if I ask you what year it is you will invariably tell me that it is 2003 AD. How do you know? Because everybody believes it? And what is this AD this that seems to be so central to determine the place of events in time.

Now let us go back to the sun and we see that it still shows the right time like clock work. Astronomers can calculate the time of the next eclipse and the one after that and backwards as far as a million years. So the records on the Babylonian tablets that ptolemeus used to calibrate our time should be a precise enough system. Unfortunately the dates of birth and the dates of successions of kings are also recorded and these historical records do not fit what the time is set at and there are discrepancies between scientific time and historical time.

How do we find out what time it really is so that we can set our Babylonian clock to the correct time. We must rely on the bible. According to the sabbatical principle, there are six days in a week and on the seventh is a day of rest. There are also six years of work and on the seventh year there is a sabbatical year. It is allotted to man to rule this earth for six thousand years and then the kingdom of God is established for one thousand years. Get the idea. Now this is where it becomes interesting. Ask any Jew when was the last sabbatical year and he will tell you that it was 2002.

You can trace back all the way to Moses the sabbatical years and all you need is to have a historical reference related to one such sabbatical year and look at the sky and the whole world can know what time it really is or when a thing actually happened in the past. Why would we want to study the past? Because it bears on our future. Remember the sabbatical principle? Jesus was talking to his disciples and said the fields are white, ripe for the harvest but the laborers are few. This was because it was a sabbatical year and no work was allowed to plant or harvest fields except the poor were allowed to harvest whatever grew there from fallen seeds from the previous years.

This historical reference allows us to understand what year these events took place. The same year was the year that Jesus started his ministry because no man can become a priest until he reaches the age of thirty. On his thirtieth birthday he went up to the temple in Nazareth and made his announcement that God had sent him to set the captives at liberty , heal the sick and preach the good news of the kingdom. When he closed the book he said " this day these scriptures are fulfilled. This day was the feast of trumpets. We also know from the bible that he was born in the early hours of the day.

Why you say is this important? Well do you remember that everybody in the world sets their time frame on the day that Jesus was born. So from the time of the first Adam to Jesus was exactly four thousand years. Then after that another two thousand make six thousand. So exactly two thousand years after the birth of Jesus we enter into the millennium Sabbath of the kingdom of God. So if Jesus was born on September eleventh, early morning on Wednesday 3 BC. What time is it now?

Gleaned from the research of the late professor Martin.

What we are

What we are and what we think we are is sometimes different and surprising. Of course everyone wants to have specific gifts or callings but every part of the body is just as important as another. Now some parts can perform several functions for example, the mouth can nourish and also speak. In the same way some teachers can also heal. Why is that? It has to do with confirmation. Many claim to be this and that but without signs and wonders to confirm what they say they are we can dismiss their claim. That does not mean that the teacher is actually a healer, his primary ministry is to teach and the healing is a following sign. Now all teachers are prophets unless they are teaching the traditions of men in which case they are false teachers and accordingly false prophets. But if a teachers hears from God then much authority has been given him and the sign is no wonder. The eye is also a witness and some of us are only witnesses but that is no mean ministry for it glorifies God to witness these things.

What when where who and how

Why? Because it is God's will. I have nothing to say that is why God can use me. He tells me what to say, when to say it, where to say it, he shows me to whom it must be said and most importantly how to say it. The only way to identify it as being of the spirit rather than of the flesh is to taste the fruit. If it is fruit of the spirit then God's authority is in it and God's word always accomplishes that which it is sent to do. Be ye comforted in knowing that God cares enough to minister to you with his words.

What is your flavor

How do you like your Jesus? Do you like him meek and serving? Or do you like him powerful and conquering? Is there not a Jesus for each times and a time for each Jesus. Then it comes down to timing. According to the divine calendar it is time for Jesus the king of kings. Are we not going to have a banquet called the wedding feast of the lamb? Only kings are invited that is why he is called the king of kings. If you do not become a king you are declining the invitation. Need directions? The kingdom of God is inside of you. So if you seek the kingdom God will help you find the directions. Interesting, invitation and R.S.V.P. In a single package self contained. Have courage, enter into your own kingdoms or be chickens and decline the invitation. I think chicken is on the menu. I will have to check

When feeding the pigs

Many say don't feed pearls to the pigs, why not? Pearls of wisdom are not as rare as you think, in my case every word from my mouth is a pearl and I am quite prolific. I have so much of it that I do not care how many pigs trample on them just as long as the prodigal son gets one. It is not death that conquers life just as much as it is not darkness that swallows light. It is life that swallows death and light that eats up the dark. So do not forget to feed the pigs, God's son is with them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

When God speaks

What happens when God speaks. The bible says that when God speaks the earth trembles. I say that when God speaks men laugh. It is however a nervous laughter not knowing what to do with the words they hear and not wanting to appear foolish by believing them. So they look at each other laughing nervously as if trying to reassure each other that it is OK to laugh. Yet the earth will tremble anyway regardless of the laughter because it knows the voice of it's maker. This is why men laugh in the presence of the prophets.

When the eagles fly

On that day we will all see clearly what we only perceive as if in a fog. But on that day the fog will lift and it will be a beautiful day to fly. We shall see them soaring above the promised land and swooping down on the falcons and vultures in the most fantastic battle in the sky that was ever witnessed. When we see them on the deck of the warships praying earnestly to God knowing that this could be their last mission and realizing that this is the day of the settling of accounts between the prophets and that Satan and God will do battle, then we will all realize the simplicity of the truth.

When the shepherd leads

When the shepherd leads he makes sure that none of the sheep gets ahead of him. He has a rod of correction to make sure to bring the fold back into line behind him. Because all sheep that try to go before him are out of line so the rod of correction is used to bring them back into line. This is done so that the shepherd can lead them to greener pastures which is their inheritance. It does not matter that the shepherd is a lion . He has curbed his own appetites. Roar! He has now become the protector of the sheep.

When the truth lies

How can the truth lie when it is the truth. Putting the truth in the mouth of a liar does not make him a speaker of truth. He will just be a speaker of the truth but still be a liar. He will invariably use it out of context, make what is intended to be allegorical, literal or the opposite make what is literal allegorical. He will attach lying interpretations or tag on a lying suggestion for an interpretation or even use a truth that has previously mistranslated and transformed into a lie. The art therein lies in making it sound true but still it is a lie. So if it not the truth by the spirit it is the lying traditions of men. You claim to be searching for the truth but in fact you are just looking for ways to use it in order to continue lying because you are children of the devil. For what use has the truth become if it serves only to make the truth of no avail.

When you see me

Jesus said when you see me you see the father. Meaning that he was the living example of the spirit of God and that is what I am for you the living image of God. When you see me you see Jesus. You shall also become like him when the crown of Glory is placed upon your head. Jesus was also acquainted with pain and sorrow and so am I all you have to do is see how I am received and you will see how Jesus was received, mainly rejected. Yet he who receives a prophet receives a prophets reward and the reward that I bring is the kingdom. When you see me you see the kingdom. Can you see me? Now many of you call me the antichrist but remember this have you seen the great falling away yet? The proof that I am not the antichrist is that I believe that Christ has come paid for our sins on the cross and is now seated at the right hand of God in his glorified body and he is going to glorify his body which is us.